General Public Visiting the Village

Bring your family and children to the Village

Do you have children that want to attend the Village?  Follow us on social media to find out when we are hosting events open to the public.

At this time, the Village does not offer safety programming to the general public.

Community Groups, Summer Camps, Organized Groups

Are you a leader for a local youth group and interested in bringing your group to the Village?  Please contact us at with a description of your group and what you are looking for from the Village.  The availability for this type of program is very limited and will be considered on a one-by-one basis.  A nominal fee will be charged.  The Village is not responsible for transportation.

Facility Rental

Are you a local community group looking for a location to hold your next event or meeting?  Are children involved or does your mandate include supporting children or the community?  Contact with details about your group and event for more information.