Cancellation Policy

The Safety Village is committed to serving the students in our community and we do our best to re-schedule any cancelled programs with schools on our waiting list. Last minute cancellations prevent us from re-scheduling a program, taking away learning opportunities for other local youth.

Should you need to cancel you must give the Safety Village at least 7 calendar days (one week) notice of the cancellation. If this timeline is met, you will not be invoiced for the Program Fee or a Cancellation Fee. Should you fail to accommodate this policy, cancelling with less than 7 days notice or not showing up for your scheduled program, a $100 cancellation fee (per program, if more than one program) will be invoiced to your school.

If payment is not received, your school will not be invited back to the Safety Village the following year.

Should the Safety Village have to cancel a scheduled program due to weather or extenuating circumstances, we will provide you with as much notice as possible and make every attempt to re-schedule your program.  Should bussing fees be incurred for a program that has been cancelled by the Safety Village, the Safety Village will cover these fees.