Grade 3: Bike Safety

Teaching Points:

  • Rules of the road
  • Traffic signs and signals
  • Bicycle hand signals
  • Importance of a proper fitting helmet
  • Bike checks

* All students are required to bring their own bike helmet.


Students apply the lessons learned through participation in the outdoor portion of the program.

Group One – Riding Bicycles or Scooters

  • Students ride bicycles or scooters through the Village practicing the rules of the road and hand signals

Group Two – Pedestrian Walking Tour

  • Students do a walking tour which reinforces the bicycle safety messages learned

* This portion is rain or shine – dress accordingly
** for students not confident on 2-wheeled bicycles scooters are available
*** 2 modified bicycles are available for special needs

Any child on a bicycle MUST wear an appropriately fitting bicycle helmet (please have children bring their own helmets, we only have a small quantity available to borrow at the Village). Should a child not be able to wear a helmet or it cannot be fitted to sit on their head in a safe manner, they will not be allowed to ride a bicycle (due to Highway Traffic Act legislation). At that time, it will be up to the teacher’s discretion if they will allow the student to participate on a scooter with no helmet.



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