2016 Children’s Hero Awards

2016 Children’s Hero Awards

The Waterloo Region Children’s Safety Village hosted its Eighth Annual Children’s Hero Awards on Saturday, May 28, 2016.

The Children’s Hero Awards provides an opportunity to recognize children in our community who have performed a heroic act, or who have performed at a level that is beyond expectation, while contributing to a safer community.  Students who assisted their classmates, parents or friends or who demonstrated good citizenship were considered for awards.  Students were nominated by teachers, parents, members of the community, police, fire and emergency medical services personnel.

The Safety Village received 8 submissions, nominating 7 children and 2 school classes for Hero Awards this year.  This year we received the support of 9 sponsors for awards, lunch, gift bags and photographing the event.

Our Academy of Judges, comprised of local police, fire and school board officials reviewed the submissions to select those who would receive a Hero Award.  This year, 7 children and 3 class representatives were selected to receive Hero Awards.  The young Heroes and their families attended The Hero Awards Celebration at the Safety Village.  They received a trophy, certificate of achievement, a gift bag and enjoyed a wonderful lunch with their families.

We, as a community, were truly humbled by the actions of these young people!

The Safety Village would like to congratulate the 2016 Children’s Hero Award Recipients.  Here are their stories:


In January, Abigail was playing in the schoolyard with her friends.  She noticed a group of boys picking on a younger boy.  Two of the boys pushed the younger boy to the ground and sat on him.  Abigail stopped playing with her friends.  She went over to where the boys were.  She politely asked the two boys to get up off the younger boy.  One of the boys complied but the other did not.  Abigail lifted the boy up, allowing the younger boy to stand to his feet and run away.  This was witnessed by some of the other students who notified a teacher about what had happened.  The boys were spoken to about bullying.  A repeat incident has not occurred.  Abigail took action and was a great role model to other students about how to put an end to bullying!


Avery is an amazing young lady!  She has overcome many physical challenges in her short 13 years and is a champion for others.

When Avery was 16 months old she was diagnosed with Polyarticular Juvenile Arthritis which affects her joints and her eyes. She was also diagnosed with asthma.  Throughout her life she has made countless trips to Sick Kids for appointments and various procedures.

In spite of her challenges, Avery consistently demonstrates compassion for others and is committed to raising money to help them.  One year for her Birthday Avery asked for money to be donated to the Rheumatology Clinic at Sick Kids instead of birthday presents.  Another year, Avery made loom bracelets and sold them to raise money for cat & dog food and kitty litter to donate to the KW Humane Society.  Most recently Avery made and sold pot holders to donate money to the Sick Kids Cancer Unit.

Avery’s motivation for doing these things is simple.  She often says,

“Mom, so many people have helped me, I want to help others.”  Avery is committed to making a difference any way she can.


Erin is an incredible young lady.  She fixed lawn mowers and snow blowers last year to raise money for the Grand River Cancer Center.  She attended a car care clinic hosted by Kool FM to give her personal donation of $1000.  This was over 3 years of saving.  Her Papa passed away from cancer and her goal is to do her best to help find a cure for cancer.  To see a 12 year old be so passionate for a cause and actually do something about it shows the kind of character that will make this young lady a success.  Erin has demonstrated great imitative and compassion at a very young age.


Jenna was the primary caretaker of her elderly grandmother during the summer months. During a visit, Jenna’s grandmother became unresponsive; due to Jenna’s quick thinking she contacted police immediately and provided her grandmother with first aid. Jenna managed to remain calm and collected during a time of distress and her courage and strength throughout this ordeal was exemplary.


On April 12, 2016 at approximately 3 am, Lauren woke and smelled smoke inside her family’s home.  She quickly alerted her father who found that the fan in the second floor bathroom was on fire.  He called 911 and the fire department was able to extinguish the fire before is spread in the attic.  As a result of Lauren’s actions and quick thinking, nobody was injured and the damage to her house was minor.  She should be commended for her actions and her calm demeanor which saved the lives of her family and the damage to her home.


Liam put a stop to a situation where another student had been bullied all year at school.  This student had been called names, ridiculed and physically hurt on a regular basis.

In spite of efforts to resolve the issue with the school there was little success.  The bullying continued and the student no longer reported it because it only got worse when he did.

One day, while in the hallway at school, Liam witnessed the student being beaten up. He went to a nearby classroom, reported it to a teacher and later provided a statement to police.  While Liam may feel he did what everyone would have done he was the only one who willingly stepped in and made a difference to stop the bullying. Liam made a difference by getting involved.


Sarah displays leadership and a strong commitment to volunteering.  She encourages and motivates students at her martial arts studio and helps teach martial arts techniques.   She has learned basic administrative skills such as organizing paperwork and creating lessons to present to other students.  Her skills and responsibilities are often beyond the expectations of someone her age.  She is a self-started, very involved and strives to improve her skills. She also motivates and encourages others.

Outside of martial arts, Sarah volunteers several hours a month for various organizations such as The Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign, her school Garden Club and at her Church.

Sarah is an exceptional young lady and is a role model to others for hard work, dedication and volunteerism.

Saint John Paul II Grade 7 Classes

The Grade 7 class at St. John Paul II has demonstrated exceptional leadership and service towards the greater good.  They are fundraising in order to create a memorial peace garden in honour of their dear classmate, Joshua Fonsecca, who passed away suddenly last summer.  Their commitment and dedication to this cause has been inspirational.

Congratulations to this year’s Heroes


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  Thank you to this year’s Sponsors

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