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I hereby release and discharge the Waterloo Regional Police Service and all members and employees of the said Service from any and all actions, claims and demands for the damage, loss or injury howsoever arising which may hereafter be sustained by myself as a result of the disclosure of information by the Police Service. I hereby authorize the Waterloo Regional Police Service to inquire into and disclose the results of any police records indicating criminal convictions, conditional and absolute discharge, outstanding criminal charges and conduct to a local police contact search with any Police Service in Canada.

I certify that the information above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I have read this consent, understand it and agree to it in its entirety.

I hereby consent to a search being made in the automated criminal records retrieval system maintained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to find out if I have been convicted of, and been granted a record suspension for, any of the sexual offences listed in Schedule 2 of the Criminal Records Act.

I understand that, as a result of giving consent, if my date of birth and gender is a possible match to a person with a criminal record for one of the sexual offences listed in Schedule 2 of the Criminal Records Act in respect of which a record suspension was granted or issued, I will be requested to provide fingerprints to confirm that record and that record may be provided by the Commisioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to the Solicitor General of Canada, who may then disclose all or part of the information contained in that record to a police service or other authorized body. That police service or authorized body will then disclose the information to me. If I further consent in writing to disclosure of that information to the person or organization referred to above that requested the verification, that information will be disclosed to that person or organization to me.

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